A major Tube and Pipe manufacturer was struggling with the following issues:

  • Premature corrosion on the pipe
  • Loss of revenue and profits due to end user warranty claims
  • Coating film flow issues due to additive restraints and low coating film builds

They also had the opportunity to sell more tonnage if they had a coating with more flexibility and greater corrosion protection. The manufacturer also recognized the following issues:

  • Heavy mill oil on incoming steel impacting coating adhesion
  • Gummy deposits on the tube forming/welding operations
  • Inability of washer to overcome coolant issues leading to marginal cleaning performance
  • Vacuum issues

Quaker proposed the Tube & Pipe manufacturer convert to QUAKERCOAT® 036 UV, a custom formulation that would not only help overcome the identified issues, but also provide a more flexible coating to meet the needs of their sister mill and help gain the additional sales.




Working with Quaker service personnel the manufacturer was able to better manage the mill oil on incoming steel, and based on recommendations from Quaker, converted to a more compatible coolant, and an improved cleaner and dewatering aid. As a result the manufacturer was able to achieve the following results:

  • Elimination of warranty claims due to corrosion issues
  • Elimination of gunk deposits
  • Better surface and drier pipes
  • Increased sales from the addition of a more flexible coating – QUAKERCOAT® 036 UV
  • Improved quality and consistency among their mills sharing customers
  • Reduced costs with low coating film builds

Additionally, Quaker was able to bring these same process fluids and operating parameters to another mill within the corporation, which eliminated the time spent trying to troubleshoot problems due to multiple fluid suppliers. Quaker also instituted routine service visits to ensure operators questions and concerns were operated on a timely basis.