In the hot mill at California Steel Industries (CSI) slag was falling off the 2,300°F steel bars coming out of furnace 4 and 5 causing the excess grease on the bearings to catch on fire.

CSI approached Quaker Chemical to develop a fire-resistant grease that could be used on the roller bearings to reduce the amount of slag fires.




  • Quaker introduced QUINTOPLEX™ LX 1 EP, a fire-resistant grease they had developed for a mining customer. Then over the next 5 years Quaker and CSI worked together to tailor the grease formulation, including adjusting the thickener used and the addition of additives to increase water washout
  • Before introducing it into their operation, CSI ran a test specific to CSI, which involves holding a blow torch to the grease to see if it catches fire and heating a metal washer until the washer was glowing from heat. The washer is dropped into the grease to determine if the grease will burn. Quaker’s QUINTOPLEX™ LX 1 EP was able to pass this test
  • The system was purged of the previous competitor’s grease, QUINTOPLEX™ LX 1 EP was introduced, and the mill has realized the following benefits:
    • 90% reduction in fires
    • Removed the continuous water supply
    • Reduced corrosion on the roller bearings
  • “We are always looking for ways to improve our operations and the safety of our employees, and working with Quaker we have been able to do both,” said CSI Mechanical Engineer Joe Speigl. “Since introducing QUINTOPLEX™ LX 1 EP fire resistant grease into our roller bearings we have reduced the amount of fires in our hot mill, and increased bearing life.”