A major North American producer of continuous anneal and zinc / zinc alloy coated substrate was currently using a two component cleaner (50% NaOH and surfactant package) on their continuous anneal line. The two component package made it hard to control the concentration and as a result the Steel producer was experiencing:

  • High consumption of cleaner
  • Uncontrollable foam and high consumption of defoamer
  • Significant build-up of “cottage cheese” sludge in process tanks which required an outside waste service company to clean and haul away

And the current supplier was not providing any technical service or support to help remedy the situation.




Quaker trialed on the steel producers continuous anneal line and provided the following benefits:

  • Easy concentration control based on conductivity with the introduction of the one component high solids cleaner QUAKERCLEAN® 7000
  • Elimination of process sludge and 80% reduction in defoamer consumption by introducing a highly effective defoamer
  • Technical support that reduced cleaner consumption by >60%, and improved cleaning
  • Process recommendations that reduced foam generation by automating drain rates based on soap content, and weekly process audits that ensured process control

After a couple of weeks operating successfully on the line through:

  • Controlling concentration purely on conductivity
  • Improvements in cleaning

Quaker was awarded a trial on one of the steel producer’s hot dip galvanizing (HDG) lines, and was again able to demonstrate the same benefits they had on the continuous anneal line.