DUSTGRIP™ turbo and DUSTGRIP™ 007





Dust suppression is a continuous and costly activity for mining operations, it:

  • Limits operational efficiency
  • Impairs visibility increasing the risk of accidents
  • Has detrimental effects on worker health and safety from air pollution and flammability
  • Negatively effects the environment through erosion, soil loss, and excess water consumption

High dust levels were causing the following issues at Patriot Coal – Speed Mining’s operation:

  • Scum in the mine water system
  • Clogged hosing system
  • Dust readings on the wall, continuous miners, and belt head that reached levels of 1.65 mg/m3




Quaker wanted to show the mine, that by adding DUSTGRIP™ dust suppressants to their operations Patriot Coal – Speed Mining could:

  • Eliminate the problems with their water and hosing systems
  • Reduce the dust levels on the wall continuous miners and belt heads

Patriot Coal – Speed Mining is currently using DUSTGRIP™ TURBO on 4 continuous miner super sections and the longwall section.

  • The respirable coal dust level has been reduced from 1.65 mg/m3 to .95 mg/m3
  • The water lines going to the continuous miner have stayed clean and the water sprays on the continuous miner have to be cleaned out and changed less often
  • They have also started using DUSTGRIP™ 007 on their roadways and have reduced the amount of respirable dust generated