The Italian factory of a global home appliance company producing refrigerators was looking for a supplier to help:

  • Reduce the costs maintenance
  • Eliminate the sludge coming from their traditional Zinc Phosphate process
  • Reduce the working temperature for cost saving
  • Reduce the general risk classes of the chemicals used in the pretreatment area




Quaker introduced PRIMETREAT™ SZR 101/SU which uses nanotechnology instead of the traditional zinc phosphate technology. As a first step, Quaker prepared standard panels to evaluate the corrosion resistance in a Salt Spray Chamber (SSC). Customer specification was 400 hr (SSC).

In the meantime the Health & Safety profile of the product was approved by the customer’s Safety Department. Following successful lab tests, the second step was to perform a preliminary industrial trial on 200 refrigerators, using a rinse bath with demi water in the conversion stage. Three months later, the line was started with the new technology.

  • With the upgrade to PRIMETREAT™ SZR 101/SU nanotechnology there was improvement of safety for the operators since PRIMETREAT™ SZR 101/SU has a lower risk classification compared to the previous technology used
  • Increase in corrosion protection (salt spray test) performance
  • Reduced work temperature and maintenance for the complete line
  • Elimination of sludge in the conversion stage