An automotive manufacturer in Austria was looking to solve a problem with chattermarks on camshafts after grinding, as well as improve overall productivity and performance of their grinding operations.

The manufacturer’s quality measurement machine was not detecting the chattermarks; therefore, visual inspection (3 people per day) and re-work of the defective camshafts was necessary.

To help improve their operations, Quaker suggested the manufacturer switch to QUAKERCUT® 010 ES, a grinding oil with a lower viscosity than what they were previously using. As a result, the manufacturer realized an annual cost savings of 285.000€, which included a reduction in quality inspection costs, central system maintenance costs, filtration costs, washing machine costs, and machine tool costs. In addition, there was no need for re-work in the camshaft grinding operations.




Quaker introduced QUAKERCUT® 010 ES into the 135.000 liter central system, feeding 20 camshaft grinding machines throughout the plant. This low viscosity grinding oil offered good flushing power to help reduce the issues with the sticky residue, and the good lubrication properties and high surface quality finish of the product helped to solve the chattermark issues.

After 12 months, Quaker was able to show – on an annualized basis – the following operational improvements and costs savings:

  • Elimination of the chattermark issue (no rework or manual inspections were necessary)
  • Improved filtration performance (no need for extra filtration maintenance)
  • Reduction of central system maintenance costs
  • Decreased Finishing Operation time by 2 seconds per piece, and increased finishing band tool life by 50%
  • Reduction of washing machine maintenance cost
  • Reduction of machine tools maintenance cost