A leading supplier of engine and drivetrain products for a global major automotive manufacturer was searching to optimize their process related to the metalworking fluid. Products they produce include automotive parts for light trucks and SUVs and transmission components. In one of their facilities, they were looking to alleviate the following problems:

  • Reduced tool life
  • Poor operator acceptance
  • High applied cost
  • Tacky residues




Exceptional service in the supplier’s neighboring facility led to our introduction into their sister facility. After an extensive investigation of operational parameters and reviewing the challenges the customer faced, Quaker introduced QUAKERCOOL® 700 UF. This product was recommended based on the following advantages:

  • Mineral oil free advanced lubrication technology based on a microemulsion of proprietary synthetic compenents
  • Resists microbiological growth
  • Contains no chlorinated compounds, formaldehyde release agents, boron, MEA or secondary amines to help meet local requirements
  • Will not stain automotive or aerospace aluminum alloys at recommended concentrations
  • Rinses clean, leaving an excellent nontacky residue

At the end of the trial, the customer realized the following results:

  • Determined at 7% concentration they could improve tool life by >25% over the competitor’s baseline
  • The product did not leave an undesired tacky residues which the operators did not like handling
  • Quaker was praised for the extensive follow up service that was far superior over the competitor’s service
  • Low operating pH gained high operator acceptance