A subcontractor for automotive parts, located in the Franche-Comté region in eastern France was actively looking to clean calcium soaps in pipes.

  • A residue was being created by a reaction between hard water and the current coolant being used in the operation
  • The subcontractor already tested high pressure cleaning to remove the residue, without good results, and they were now looking for a chemical solution




Quaker started a Chemical Management Services program in January of 2013, and analyzed the situation and issues with the technical cleaning.

  • First, to reduce or stop the creation of residues the customer transitioned from their current coolant to QUAKERCOOL® 7100 HD
  • Next, Quaker set up lab tests that mirrored the pipe cleaning conditions at the customer to determine which product would have the best cleaning performance
  • After running the test with different products, QUAKERCLEAN® ACID M29/2 was selected to be used in the customers operations

Since running QUAKERCLEAN® ACID M29/2 in their systems the automotive parts manufacturer has achieved the following results:

  • Pipes are 100% clean
  • Improvement of flow through the pipes – from 400 l/h before cleaning to 1500 l/h after cleaning
  • After 6 months of switching from the competitors coolant to QUAKERCOOL® 7100 HD no calcium soap residue has been created
  • Additionally the cost of using the fluid solution to clean the pipes was 500€ ($690 USD) compared to the 1600€ ($2,210 USD) for the high pressure cleaning – resulting in 69% reduction in operational costs.