A global supplier of aluminum transmission cases manufactures high pressure aluminum die-castings for an array of automotive applications. They have facilities located across the globe to provide local support for our diverse customer base. They were facing issues with their die casting operations and were specifically looking to alleviate the following issues:

  • Poor quality of die cast parts
  • Prolonged production downtime due to polishing




GW Smith, a Quaker Chemical Company, met with management at a major automotive casting facility and secured a production trial. The objectives were to reduce downtime from polishing and overall production cost. Initially, the GW Smith team worked closely with the process control department to better understand their casting production utilizing thermal imagery on die surfaces. Based on laboratory analysis and thermal imagery results the soldering and build up problems were identified and the GW Smith team recommended DIE SLICK® 2015, a subset of DIE SLICK® 2050A series. Through trials on several machines and over a six month period, the customer observed a significant reduction in downtime, better part quality and total overall cost savings. The following are some of the benefits realized:

  • Improved performance by reduction in downtime
  • Reduced overall cost by approx. 20%
  • Polishing frequency was improved based on production trial results
  • Production efficiency was improved based on the FTT results