2014 NADCA Congress & Tabletop

September 22–24, 2014
The Wisconsin Center
400 W. Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53203

Come visit us at Booth No. 211

Visit Quaker and G.W. Smith, a Quaker Chemical company, at the 2014 Annual Meeting

Learn how our specialty die casting lubricants and comprehensive range of solutions can make a difference in your die casting operations.

G.W. Smith & Sons is recognized as the leading innovator in the die cast industry through our innovative solutions. We provide process expertise and customized support services at the local level, for everything covering your die casting needs from DIE SLICK® die release with Smart Polymer™ technology to plunger lubricant and specialty hydraulic fluids

  • Lower Total Cost – Increased die life, improved shots/dies and reduced maintenance
  • Increased Performance – Brighter castings, reduce soldering and excellent emulsion stability
  • Improved Production – Excellent part quality and shorter cycle times

We are the one source of innovative solutions for your die casting needs.





In addition to our Smart Polymer™ technology used to customize lubricants to optimize performance, we will also be featuring QUINTOLUBRIC® a Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluid and QUAKERTEK™ Greases – two brand new products.

From die casting to steel rolling, there is a QUINTOLUBRIC® fluid designed to meet your specific needs.

  • Best-in-class technology and performance
  • Offers excellent lubrication and fire resistance
  • Properties that limit the spread of fire
  • Excellent shear stability

Our Specialty Greases include aluminum complex, lithium complex, polyurea and calcium sulfonate thickened greases that provide technology to fit the customer’s needs:

  • Ability to withstand extreme temperatures
  • Best-in-class water resistance
  • Superior rust and corrosion protection
  • Extreme pressure lubrication