IMTS 2014

Booth W-2094 | September 8–13, 2014
McCormick Place
2301 S. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60616

Innovative fluid solutions for a constantly challenging industry

Whether it’s machining, grinding, stamping, cleaning or corrosion protection, Quaker has innovative, integrated process solutions and superior service to optimize your operations and increase profitability. Come visit us at the IMTS 2014 Show at Booth W-2094 to see how we can help your plant run more efficiently and save money.

Quaker Chemical Corporation is a leading global provider of process fluids, chemical specialties, services, and technical expertise to a wide range of industries, including Steel, Aluminum, Automotive, Mining, Aerospace, Tube and Pipe, Cans and others. For nearly 100 years, Quaker has helped customers around the world achieve production efficiency, improve product quality, and lower costs through a combination of innovative technology, process knowledge, and customized services.

Innovative Offerings for:

  • Metal Removal Fluids – QUAKERAL®, QUAKERCOOL® and QUAKERCUT® for machining, grinding, honing and lapping operations
  • Metal Forming Fluids – QUAKERDRAW® line for drawing, stamping, and forming operations
  • Hydraulic Fluids – Specialty designed fire-resistant QUINTOLUBRIC® fluids with Factory Mutual Approvals
  • Corrosion Preventives – FERROCOTE® products for short term to long term rust – free protection
  • Cleaners – QUAKERCLEAN® and QUAKER FORMULA® process and maintenance cleaners
  • Die Lubricants – DIE SLICK® water-based and water free mold release
  • Plunger Lubricants – PLUNGER SLICK® lubricant for plunger tips

Key Benefits:

  • Lower Total Cost – Reduce fluid usage and top-ups, tooling and maintenance costs
  • Increase Performance – Improve quality, reduce machine downtime, rework and rejects
  • Minimize Environmental Impact – Reduce waste and improve health and safety

Advancements in Metalworking Technology:

  • Eco-Efficiency – 2PAQ™ technology combines coolant and cleaner to improve efficiency and reduce resource consumption
  • QUAKERCOOL® 700 Series – High performance metal removing fluids that are uniquely designed for exotic machining and grinding operations inclusive of titanium alloy, compacted graphite iron, stainless steel, and other high nickel-chrome alloys
  • Alternatives to Boron Containing Metalworking Fluids – Quaker offers environmental and operator friendly solutions that provide enhanced results

Case Studies:

  • Grinding – QUAKERCOOL® 2776 – A leading global supplier of technologically-advanced automotive systems, components and complete modules experienced problems related to their metalworking coolant. Read More…
  • Machining & Grinding – QUAKERCOOL® 700 UF – A leading supplier of engine and drivetrain products for a global major automotive manufacturer was searching to optimize their process related to the metalworking fluid. Read More…
  • Machining & Grinding – QUAKERCOOL® W ALCA FF AND OIL HR – A major global manufacturing subcontractor of innovative braking systems for the automotive industry was looking to improve machine performance, reduce overall cost and reduce waste of machining fluids used in the manufacturing of master cylinders, anti-lock brakes and the electronic stability program, brake calipers and brake forks. Read More…
  • Die Casting – DIE SLICK® 2015 – A global supplier of aluminum transmission cases manufactures high pressure aluminum die-castings for an array of automotive applications. They were facing issues with their die casting operations. Read More…